Improved Customer Satisfaction

Want happy customers? Use Live Chat 100 to boost customer satisfaction by making it easy for them to reach out to your team.

Increased Sales

When customers can talk to a real person, they buy and spend more.

Reduced Operation Cost

One Live Chat 100 agent can help several customers simultaneously. This is just one of the ways Live Chat 100 helps reduce your operation costs.

  • Better Business Bureau
  • Microsoft Partner

    At Live Chat 100, we take security seriously. Our system uses state of the art encryption in accordance with PCI DSS compliance standards to ensure that your customers’ sensitive financial data is secure. Our Secure-Form technology allows the collection of credit card or other sensitive financial data right inside the chat window with maximum secure-channel protection.

  • Better Business Bureau

    In today’s digitally connected world, reputation is everything. At Live Chat 100, we have worked hard to establish ourselves as a brand customers can trust and build our reputation upon the highest ethical standards. Our membership in the Better Business Bureau demonstrates our commitment to the principle of being a reliable brand you can trust.

  • Microsoft Partner

    Comm100 is a proud “Gold” level member of the Microsoft Partner Application Development program, which means we have demonstrated consistent commitment and expertise in creating innovative solutions based on Microsoft technologies.

Live Chat 100 Live Chat 100 Live Chat 100

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Features for SMB

Fully Managed. No Technical Knowledge Required

Live Chat 100 takes care of everything when it comes to managing your live chat system, which means you can worry less about technical matters and concentrate more on growing your business.

We Offer 24/7 Support

We have agents and technicians standing by 24/7. So, if you ever have questions or need support, we’re there for you. Our dedicated staff even works on holidays and weekends.

Customized to Match Your Brand

When it comes to running an online business, brand image, and consistency is important. That’s why we allow you to customize every aspect of your live chat software so that it matches your site and brand style perfectly.

Chat from Anywhere

Our simple to install and use mobile apps let you help customers and visitors anywhere you go. With our mobile apps, you can access your live chat system anywhere and never worry about missing another important inquiry or support request again. The mobile apps also provide a way for you to assign an on-call agent so valued clients or visitors can reach someone even after business hours.

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Live Chat for SMB

Features for Enterprise

Highly Secure

Your customers not only expect your services to be secure, they demand it. Live Chat 100 uses state of the art encryption and security protocols to ensure that both yours and your customers’ live chat data is safe and secure at all times. We implement industry best practices such as powerful encryption, 24/7 service monitoring, audit logs, PCI compliant forms and procedures and secure data centers to protect your live chat software against security and privacy threats. Our proprietary MaximumOn™ technology provides an additional layer of protection with data-center-level redundancy so that you have access to your live chat system at all times.

Powerful Routing Features

Our versatile and powerful routing & queue management features allow you to route chat requests to the appropriate department and allocate them to the right agent based on business rules you define. Our queue priority and queue overflow features ensure an optimized customer experience. Detailed hourly 24/7 queue status metrics enable you to schedule shifts efficiently to balance resources and customer wait times.

Detailed Reporting

Live Chat 100 understands that running a large support operation requires access to key metrics to determine what’s working and what needs improvement. Therefore, we provide loads of powerful reporting options that make managing your enterprise live chat operation straightforward and efficient.

Onboarding, Consulting and Training Services

Live Chat 100 is intuitive and easy to use. Still, using any enterprise platform requires training and time to learn. Therefore, we offer our enterprise customers value-added services such as onboarding, consulting and training that help to transform Live Chat 100 into a turn-key solution that is simple-to-use, maximizes value and reduces the overall cost of ownership.

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Live Chat for Enterprise

Features for Sales

Auto Invitation to Say Hi

Sometimes, just a quick, friendly greeting to a customer can mean all the difference between closing a sale and letting one getting away. With Live Chat 100’s easy-to-use proactive chat feature, the system can greet customers automatically so they feel welcome and important.

Integration with Salesforce

Live Chat 100 integrates seamlessly with Salesforce and fully supports the automatic creation of leads and contacts in the CRM. Whenever a customer chats with a salesperson, Live Chat 100 can save pertinent contact information, as well as chat transcripts, to make following up easier and more productive.

Not only can Live Chat 100 store important data in Salesforce, the system can retrieve information from the CRM as well. This means that if an already registered lead or contact visits your website, your live chat agents have instant access to important data for that customer, which helps avoid duplicate conversations and helps move the lead closer to a sale.

Knowing the Shopping Cart Items and Value

Shopping cart abandonment can be a major headache for online businesses. Fortunately, abandonment is preventable in many cases with simple intervention. Therefore, Live Chat 100 enables agents to monitor customers’ shopping activities (such as cart items and their values) and step in to save a sale if the need arises.

Visitor Segmentation

Customers come in all varieties, so it’s important to know as much as possible about those who visit your site and do business with you. Live Chat 100’s highly configurable visitor segmentation rules take customer group and segment tracking to a completely new level.

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Live Chat for Sales

Features for Customer Service

Routing to the Right Department and Agent

Whether customers have problems, just want to ask questions or are ready to purchase, getting them to the right person or department quickly is important. With Live Chat 100’s intelligent routing features, connecting customers to just the right agent is seamless and easy.

Integration with Popular Ticketing System

If providing resolutions and solving problems is a major part of your support operation, then you know how important a good ticketing system is to helping manage and resolve customer inquiries quickly and efficiently. Live Chat 100 offers seamless integration with industry-leading ticketing systems like Zendesk and of course our own Ticket platform.

Remote Desktop Integration

Sometimes, the easiest and most efficient way to help a client with computer issues is to simply fix problems for them. Live Chat 100 fully integrates with GoToMeeting and Join.Me so that your tech support staff can fix customer problems on the fly without leaving the live chat console.

Canned Message to Improve Efficiency and Professionalism

Even the fastest typists can save hundreds of keystrokes with our easy-to-use canned messages. This handy feature enables agents to send commonly used messages or replies with just a couple of keystrokes or mouse clicks. Canned messages not only save agents tons of time versus typing the responses manually, but the quick replies also portray your team in a more favorable and professional manner. Read more on Live Chat 100’s canned message feature

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Live Chat for Customer Service