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April 12th, 2017 | Customer Service | Lin Parkin

Contact centers have some of the highest employee turnover rates than any other industry. And is it any wonder? It’s no secret that working with the public can be stressful. Customer service agents witness the best and worst in people each day. As a frontline customer support agent, your mandate is to provide excellent service…

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February 9th, 2017 | Customer Service | Kaye Chapman

As a contact center leader, you will know the importance of feedback to help your agents continuously learn and improve their work. Truly effective contact centers recognize that agent development should continue to occur even long after initial call center training, and that constructive feedback and coaching should be a part of the entire employee…

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February 7th, 2017 | Customer Service | Kaye Chapman

Are you looking for training games to fill 5, 10 or 20 minutes in a team meeting, buzz session or training program? These short and easy training activities need almost no preparation and deliver powerful messages. Whether your team is service or sales, whether they work with customers face to face, over the phone or…

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February 6th, 2017 | Customer Service | Kaye Chapman

We all like to feel like others understand us, right? And it’s not possible to fully understand another person, without practicing empathy. People with highly developed empathetic abilities build rapport more easily, communicating in a way that shows respect for differing opinions and collaborating to find solutions to problems which truly fit everyone involved. In…

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