8 Ways Live Chat Software Benefits Your Business

February 13th, 2017 | Kaye Chapman | Live Chat
8 Ways Live Chat Benefits Your Business

Most people who have used Live Chat as a customer know its biggest advantages: it’s quick, convenient and doesn’t take as much effort as a phone call.

Nowadays, customers expect to be able to choose how they contact your business, in ways which are convenient for them. Imagine if your bank only provided information over the phone – it would be in trouble very quickly as phone lines get swamped and customer’s finances go haywire.

Because of this, the demand for self-service and multichannel options within industries of every kind is driving the need for businesses to modernize their service and offer convenient, low-effort options for customer contact.

So, live chat is obviously what customers want. But how can it help your business?

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the biggest live chat benefits:

Save Money

When talking with customers over the phone, agents can only handle one conversation at a time. Live Chat allows agents to handle multiple chats at once, increasing agent utilization and the number of customer interactions which can be handled on any given day. With this comes decreased staffing costs as well as increased response times.

Additionally, setting up and maintaining a telephony infrastructure can be time-consuming and costly. Live Chat is a much simpler system to implement and manage, and once customers know about and are using your live chat channel, reliance on an expensive telephony system can be reduced.

Boost Sales

An American Marketing Association study shows that live chat increases conversions by at least 20 percent and that the typical ROI rate is about 300%. The same report shows that customers who use live chat are three times more likely to make purchases versus those who don’t.

Additionally, a Forrester study on Wells Fargo’s implementation of live chat showed that it produced a double-digit increase in conversions.

How is this done? Well, allowing customers instant access to your sales and support teams allows for a decrease in abandoned cart rates, since customers can resolve problems at the point of sale. Also, through proactively reaching out to your customers while they shop, your agents can also identify opportunities for up-selling and cross-promotion of products that could be helpful for your customers.

Get More Loyal Customers

Customers really appreciate access to Live Chat. The eDigital Customer Service Benchmark survey of 2000 consumers that found that live chat had the highest customer satisfaction levels at 73%, compared to 61% for email support and 44% for phone support.

loyal customers

It’s simple – satisfied customers are more likely to return to you for future business, building a relationship of loyalty and trust for years to come.

Beat the Competition

Live chat gives you a number of ways to beat the competition and differentiate your service in an increasingly demanding consumer environment.

A recent report published by TELUS International found that a high percentage of online businesses still do not have a live chat system on their website. Offering live chat on your site, then, becomes a differentiator in itself, allowing customers to ask questions and resolve queries in a more seamless way than your competitors.

Serve Customers Worldwide

If you’re considering contacting a company on the other side of the world, often making a telephone call is out of the question due to the expense of the call. And unless you’re really bothered about the product, you might not want to invest the time and effort into writing an email, causing you to give up and find alternative options closer to home.

Live chat, however, gives your customers instant access to your friendly support team, regardless of where they are in the world. Allowing all customers the same easy support experience they would have as if they walked into your office or shop expands your reach globally, making it even easier for customers all over the world to build relationships with your business.

Get More Customer Feedback

With a telephony system, how can you find out about common problems or issues your customers are experiencing? Usually, the only way to do this is to rely on feedback from your agents, listen through hundreds of call recordings, or invest in expensive voice recognition analytics software.

Within a live chat system, all chat logs can be searched to easily identify feedback trends, allowing you to resolve customer pain points in a quick and simple way.

Reach Out to Your Customers

No other communication channel can provide the same opportunities for reaching your customers as easily as live chat does – through the ability to proactively reach out to any visitors on your website to offer support and advice.

Proactive customer contact on the phone is just cold-calling, often an interruption and annoyance. Via e-mail, communications can arrive after your customer has lost interest, and can be missed by your customers altogether as spam filters catch your communications.

Over live chat, your agents can see the browsing history of customers and identify opportunities to reach out to your customers which are timely, personalized, and genuinely useful. What’s more, you can set up rules to automatically initiate chats with certain categories of customers, for example those who have spent more than five minutes on a support page.

This powerful feature is something that is absolutely unique to live chat, allowing for agents to maximize opportunities to convert, and giving customers the sort of initiative in service they’d only ever receive in a bricks and mortar store.

Get Easy, Sophisticated Customer Service Data

Tired of tangling with complicated Excel spreadsheets and formulas? Effective live chat systems come packaged with every type of report that a contact center manager would ever need, showing everything from detailed agent utilization to customer satisfaction scores in a clear, straightforward console.

Dashboards updated in real time also provide the same kind of data that a traditional telephony wallboard display does, giving you extra control over your service.

Live chat systems outperform telephony in several ways too. Powerful analytics allow chat logs to be easily indexed and searched, allowing you to monitor quality without needing to listen to lots of calls or dig around for email transcripts.

Want to know more about how our live chat system could benefit your business? Schedule a free demo with us to explore even more benefits.


Kaye Chapman is the Customer Experience & Training Specialist at Live Chat 100 and Comm100. She has a wealth of experience working alongside contact centers, improving processes and delivering engaging, effective and fun learning and development solutions. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

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