Features for Customer Service

We know that providing great service to your customers is important. Therefore, our live chat system provides you with a wide array of useful features that enable you to do just that. Great customer service makes for happy customers. And, of course, happy customers lead to referrals, revenue growth and higher reputation ratings for your brand or company.

Remote Desktop Sharing

Sometimes customers don’t really know how to explain the problems they’re having. Of course, it’s not the fault of the customers. Nevertheless, relying on just descriptions to troubleshoot problems can be frustrating and time-consuming for your support staff. A much more efficient solution is to enable your tech support agents or staff with the power to view or take your customers’ screens remotely.

Live Chat 100 supports screen sharing to make helping customers with tech issues faster and more efficient. For screen sharing, our system supports:

  • GoToMeeting
  • Join.Me (A free remote desktop tool)
Live Chat Join.Me Screensharing Integration

Sending Screenshots and Knowledge Base Articles

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. So, sometimes, the best way to help your clients or customers solve problems is to show them images or pictures that provide information on just the right place to click or the right part to adjust and so on. To help you provide more efficient problem resolutions, Live Chat 100 makes sending screenshots to a customer or visitor as simple as a couple of mouse clicks.

If you need to provide in-depth assistance or tutorials, Live Chat 100 lets you push links to how-to or knowledge base articles just as easily. Techniques such as pushing screenshots and article links to your customers enable them to find the answers and resolutions they need on their own, thus saving your support staff and agents considerable time.

Send Files Over Chat

Access to Support History

Live Chat 100 provides your agents with complete and instant access to chat and support ticket histories for customers and visitors of your site. With just a couple of clicks, a support agent can view previous support chats that a customer has had with others on your team. This powerful feature enables agents to save valuable time and avoid asking duplicate questions or offering resolutions that have already been suggested.

View Chat History During Chatting

Multiple Tiers

Our robust routing features enable you to set up routing rules based on account or membership levels or other variables and then send chat requests to any individual account representative, agent, group or department you define.

  • Define Multiple Customer Tiers

    Live Chat 100 lets you create and define your own rules for customer tiers and route customers based on their tier. So, whether you have free and paid accounts, basic and premium levels, or any other type of tier system, you can create rules for how customers are routed to the agents/departments you define and select.

  • Create Multiple Tiers for Support Teams

    Our application enables you to create multiple support team tiers/levels and to determine which customer groups, levels or tiers are routed to them based on your own custom rules and requirements. This feature is useful for helpdesk or tech support escalations and makes providing varying levels of support faster and more efficient.

  • Custom Account Manager Structures

    If your company assigns account managers to customers, you will find our routing features especially helpful. With Live Chat 100, you can route customers to their designated account managers.

Multiple Tiers Routing Rules

Powerful Queue Features

  • Queue Notification

    During peak times and periods, all of your chat agents may get busy, which means a few customers might need to wait before being connected to a conversation. With Live Chat 100, you can create custom messages to display for queued customers. Our system lets you display links and images in queue windows that might be of help or interest to your customers as well as post estimated wait times or other messages you want them to see.

  • Queue Overflow

    When queues are full and customers are waiting, other employees may need to pitch in and lend a hand to handle the load.

    Live Chat 100’s powerful Queue Overflow features enable you to create backup agents and departments and route/overflow chat requests to them automatically when volume and customer wait time is high. Additionally, you can create as many overflows as you need.

    Our queue overflow feature is also useful for smaller teams, as it helps maximize your online time. As long as any agent in your main or backup department is online, the chat button will be displayed as online and visitors can request chats.

  • Queue Priority

    You can define rules how different tiers of customers receive different priority in the queues. The higher the priority a customer has in a queue, the shorter wait time he/she will experience.

Live Chat Queue Notification

Agent Training and Quality Assurance

To make training new agents more efficient and productive, Live Chat 100 enables managers to “ease” agents into a production environment setting with robust training features.

  • Monitoring

    Live Chat 100 allows supervisors and managers to monitor and view chats between agents and customers quickly and easily. This is a very useful tool for making sure new hires and trainees are following your scripts or representing your brand appropriately. Monitoring helps managers determine agents’ strong suits and areas where they may need a little help. Additionally, if an agent is having difficulty during a chat, a supervisor or manager can step in and take over the conversation instantly.

  • Reduced Chat Capacities

    Good live chat agents can handle several conversations at the same time with no problem. With new agents or trainees, though, you may want to start them off a little slower and reduce the number of chat conversations they can be involved in at any given time. Live Chat 100 makes it easy for managers to set chat session limits based on any number of variables that you can create and define in a matter of minutes.

Read the Quality Assurance White Paper
Monitor Chats and Take Over When Necessary

Ticket Integration

A good ticketing system can make all the difference between an effective customer service operation and one that offers lackluster support.

Live Chat 100 provides quick and easy integration with proven ticketing solutions such as Zendesk, and of course our own Live Chat 100 ticketing system. With Live Chat 100, your agents are able to generate new support tickets from the chat monitor window with just a few mouse clicks.

Live Chat Zendesk Integration

Post-Chat Survey

Live Chat 100 comes fully equipped with multiple features that enable you to gauge and monitor the performance of your agents. Still, nothing gives you more insight into how well your customer service staff is performing than hearing from customers and visitors themselves.

With our post-chat survey, customers and visitors are able to rate their experiences and leave feedback based on questions and options you specify. Post-chat surveys are an excellent tool for identifying weaknesses and identifying your support stars – so other agents can learn from your best performers.

Live Chat Post Chat Survey

Website Integration and Custom Variables

Live Chat 100 supports advanced website integration features. One of these features is called Custom Variables, which enable you to capture visitor information from your website and display it directly in the chat console window.

Once configured, custom variables allow your agents to retrieve important information from your website about customers and visitors without even asking. Whether you’re running an e-commerce or membership site, Live Chat 100 lets your agents see visitor information such as:

  • Customer name
  • Email address
  • Previous purchases or transactions
  • Shopping cart contents
  • Any other information available on your web pages
Live Chat Custom Variables

Visitor Single Sign-On (SSO)

With Live Chat 100’s flexible Visitor Single Sign-On feature, your agents will have access to important personal data as soon as customers log in to your site. With Visitor SSO, when a visitor signs into your web account, he/she also signs into Live Chat 100 automatically. Alternatively, if the customer signs into Live Chat 100, he signs into his/her account on your website simultaneously.

SSO reduces considerably the time agents spend looking up account information for customers or identifying customers by asking questions.

You can define multiple rules including whether sign-in is required before using the chat system or if you want to provide guest visitors access as well. Additionally, Visitor Single Sign-On integration syncs perfectly with custom variables to provide you near limitless routing options for sending chats to the right agent or department.

Visitor Single Sign On in Live Chat 100
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