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Features for Enterprise

Live Chat 100 offers many cutting-edge features and options that can help even the largest contact centers and enterprises take control of their communications and support operations and increase profit margins. Our Enterprise Edition is specifically designed for large call centers and enterprise customers who need:

  • Essential live chat security
  • Guaranteed enterprise-level performance
  • Advanced chat routing features
  • Powerful visitor queue management
  • Versatile reporting options
  • A one-stop turn-key solution
  • A quick return on investment

A Glance at the Enterprise Edition Features

  • Team Leader

  • Monitor chatsJoin chatsTake over chat Canned messageAgent online statusAgent efficiencyAgent workload
  • Quality Control

  • Agent ratingReview chat scriptQueue length Queue dropout rateCustomer wait timeChat categorization
  • Routing

  • Route to account managersRoute to franchises Route to departments Product based chat routing Multiple tires of customer routing Territory based routing Language based routing Webpage content based routing Salesforce data based routing Customer account based routing Pre-chat form based routing Custom routing rules
  • ACD and Queue

  • To last chatted agent To least busy agent Round Robin Capability weighted Queue priority Queue overflow Hourly 24/7 queue report Real time queue metrics Queue transfer
  • Security

  • TRUSTe PCI DSS service provider Security policies and procedures Firewall and IPS DDOS mitigation Penetration test Secure data center Hardened OS and network devices Credit card masking Password policy IP address restriction Audit log Secure form
  • Deep Integration

  • API Webhook Salesforce integration Custom CSS Custom JS Cisco integration Avaya integration LDAP SSO
  • KPI Reporting

  • Real time Chat volume Chat source Queue Wait time Chat transfer Availability Agent performance Workload Efficiency Rating Post-chat survey Pre-chat survey Wrap-up Manual invitation Auto invitation Offline message Canned message
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Live Chat Data That Is Safe and Secure

Governments all over the world are drafting stricter legislation regarding the privacy and security of user data and communications. Corporations and enterprises are under ever-increasing pressure to ensure that client and customer data is safe and secure from hackers, criminals, terrorists and sometimes even fanatical foreign governments.

At Live Chat 100, we provide serious solutions to these serious privacy and security challenges and much more.

Below are just a few of the many ways in which Live Chat 100 ensures your data remains private and secure:

  • TRUSTe approved privacy policy
  • PCI DSS compliance
  • Advanced software security features
  • Proven security best practices
  • Comprehensive security policies and procedures
  • Encrypted message data
  • Constant 24/7 monitoring
Safe and Secure Data

Advanced Live Chat Routing

If yours is like most large call centers or enterprises, you may have many different teams and departments; all of which provide important services to your customers.

Live Chat 100’s flexible and advanced routing features help you make sure customers and visitors chat with the right agent or department. Whether you need to route chats based on visitor location, customer tier, assigned zones, agent/department availability or integrations with other systems, our system makes routing chats quick, simple and efficient.

Here are a few of the common routing scenarios that Live Chat 100 supports:

  • Connect customers to dedicated account managers
  • Route VIP customers to senior agents or teams
  • Route support and sales requests to different teams
  • Route chat requests to the right franchises based on location
  • Route chat requests to sales teams based on assigned territory
  • Direct chat requests based on the launch page
  • Product based routing
  • Route chats based on webpage content
  • Send chat request to the correct agent or department based on Salesforce account data
  • Route requests based on customer input in pre-chat forms
  • Custom routing rules

Benefits provided by the advanced routing features in Live Chat 100 include:

  • Reduced transfers between departments
  • Improved customer experiences
  • Increased agent efficiency
  • Increased management efficiency for territory structures, account manager systems, and customer segmentation
Advanced Live Chat Routing

Powerful Queue Management

Large contact centers or enterprises may have dozens, or even hundreds, of agents in one queue/department. Good queue management should be able to distribute chats to the appropriate agents based on your business needs. This type of distribution is no small task.

Live Chat 100 provides multiple options that help you define how chat requests are distributed to agents. Our system enables you to create rules to prioritize chat requests based on customer levels or segments. You can also define backup agents and departments so they can help out when needed during busy periods. Additionally, Live Chat 100’s powerful, industry-leading queue reporting can also help you plan and schedule shifts more effectively.

  • Key Queue Management Features Include:
    • Reconnect with previously chatted agents
    • Round-Robin based chat distribution
    • Distribute chats to agents with fewer active conversations
    • Distribute chats among agents with lower capacity ratios
    • Ability to group agents into queues/departments
    • Define and set the maximum number of concurrent chats for agents
    • Define and create multiple queues
    • Queue priorities – Assign different priorities to different customers
    • Custom queue and priority rules
    • Queue overflow – When one queue becomes full, rollover to another queue
    • Custom queue overflow rules
    • Multiple queue overflows
  • Queue Reporting Features

    One of the most difficult tasks for managers in large customer care centers is that of balancing staffing levels versus customer experience (wait time) for a given shift. Our 24/7 Hourly Queue Length Report can help managers with this. For example, the report could show data for a Monday morning, from 9AM to 10AM, the average number of chats and average queue length for each queue during the hour. With this report, managers no longer need to “guesstimate,” as the reports provide all the information needed to make intelligent staffing/scheduling decisions while maintaining acceptable drop-out rates and wait times.

  • Metrics in the Live Chat 100 queue report:
    • Number of ongoing chats
    • Number of visitors waiting in queue
    • Number of chats per agent
    • Average and max wait time
    • Queue abandonment number
    • Average wait time of abandoned chats
    • Number of chats switched to offline message
    • Average chat time
    • 24/7 hourly queue length
  • Primary benefits of the Live Chat 100 queue report:
    • Improved scheduling and staffing decisions
    • Optimized internal resources
    • Better management of drop-out rates and wait times
    • Improved customer experiences
    • Better fine tuning of staffing prediction models
Powerful Queue Managment

Enterprise-Grade Performance

Enterprises and large contact centers may have hundreds or even thousands of agents. These large organizations require fast, reliable performance in order to provide smooth and uninterrupted services to their customers.

  • A Proven Solution

    Live Chat 100 has more than seven years of experience in helping hundreds of large contact centers and enterprises implement high-performance live chat systems. A single Live Chat 100 deployment is able to handle thousands of concurrent chat agents and conversations.

  • A High-Performance Infrastructure

    Live Chat 100 uses high-grade server hardware together with fast and secure data connections and heavily optimized code to provide high performance and scalable solution for our enterprise live chat customers.

Enterprise Grade Performance

High Availability and Reliability

Live Chat 100’s vigilant team of network engineers provide around-the-clock monitoring, rigorous backups, redundant networks and top-shelf hardware to ensure the highest availability possible to our customers.

To go with these proven reliability best practices, Live Chat 100 utilizes our own proprietary MaximumOn technology, which incorporates data center level redundancy to ensure your live chat system is available anytime and all the time.

In the unlikely event that a live chat server does happen to go down in one data center, another one in a different location takes over instantly and automatically. Our patent pending MaximumOn technology takes live chat availability and reliability to a new level.

High Availability and Reliability

Insightful Reports

Even the very best sales and support tools are only as efficient and productive as the teams who use them. Therefore, managers need to be able to view important reports to gauge the performance and productivity of the people representing your brand.

Here’s a list of reports included with our system:

  • Real time report
  • Chat volume report
  • Chat source report
  • Queue report
  • Wait time report
  • Chat transfer report
  • Availability report
  • Agent performance report
  • Workload report
  • Efficiency report
  • Rating report
  • Post-chat survey report
  • Pre-chat survey report
  • Wrap-up survey report
  • Manual invitation report
  • Auto invitation report
  • Offline message report
  • Canned message report
Insightful Reports of Live Chat 100

Multiple Deployment Options

Live Chat 100 offers 3 deployment options:

  • SaaS based shared platform – Server is shared with a limited number of other customers. This is the quickest and most cost-effective deployment option.
  • Private deployment- Live Chat 100 is deployed on our servers, but you have your own private IP address, web application, database and custom features.
  • On-premises deployment – Live Chat 100 is deployed on your servers and in your selected environment. This option provides you with the most control.
Multiple Deployment Options

Custom Development

Every business has its own unique needs. If you require a feature not already included with Live Chat 100, our product specialists would love to listen to your ideas. If we believe the feature is plausible and offers value, we will be more than happy to develop it for you to maximize your productivity.

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Custom Development

Professional Services

When you make the decision to use Live Chat 100 as your chat service provider, you not only get access to a great product – you also benefit from the experience, expertise, and knowledge of our highly-skilled team.

Professional Services We Provide Include:

  • Setup and configuration
  • Consulting
  • Onboarding
  • Training
  • Custom development

Our commitment and service to your enterprise extend well past the initial purchase and implementation; we’re always there whenever you need us. 24/7, 365 days a year, Live Chat 100 customer service reps are standing by to help with any assistance you might need.

Professional Services

Live Chat 100 Provides Real Value for Your Investment

At Live Chat 100, we understand that investments in enterprise applications are never small or trivial. Still, a great live chat system should be a value and not a long-term financial burden. That’s why we have designed Live Chat 100 to offer large contact centers and enterprises just that – real value. Whether it’s being able to optimize human resources for maximum efficiency or being able to reduce email, phone, and other communications costs, Live Chat 100 enables you to cut costs versus traditional support methods in many ways.

Because agents can handle multiple support sessions simultaneously, your contact center or enterprise is able to manage human resources much more effectively than with traditional phone support. Also, because our live chat application is so intuitive and easy to use, your agents will pick it up easily with little or no formal training; which can reduce the costs associated hiring and training new agents considerably. The value of Live Chat 100 doesn’t end there, though, as we provide our larger enterprise and organizational customers with a host of features that help reduce costs and enable quicker returns on investments.

Live Chat 100 Provides Real Value
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