[White Paper] Utilizing Canned Messages in Live Chat 100

Utilizing Canned Messages in Live Chat 100


Live chat agents are often asked the same questions from different customers. Pricing, shipping, and refund policies are just a few of the many overlapping concerns most customers share. This is where canned messages come into play. When support volume is large, canned messages can save agents a great deal of time, and as a result, enhance productivity. Effective use of canned messages can also help you deliver more professional and consistent service.

Live Chat 100 not only allows you to create as many canned messages as you need, but also provides you with the tools to easily locate and personalize these messages.

This white paper describes everything you need to know about creating, utilizing and managing canned messages in Live Chat 100.

The PDF version of the white paper is also available. You can download it to your local drive for future reference. Download PDF Version Live Chat 100 Routing

Canned Message Titles

Just like every person has a name, a message also needs a name for identification. Live Chat 100 requires you to give each canned message a unique title.

A good title indicates the topic of a message—you should immediately know what the message is about by glancing at the title. Some common titles include: cancel account, refund policy, saying goodbye, etc.

Titles are also important when you are searching for a specific message by keyword. A memorable title will shorten the search process and help you quickly locate the message needed.

Canned Message Categories

In Live Chat 100, you can group canned messages into different categories for quick retrieval and better management. Multiple layers of categories are available.

Imagine that your company provides a large range of products, and your team is in charge of the support for all of them. You can create a category for each product and put the relevant canned messages under each category. For each product, you can create subcategories based on inquiry types, such as discount policy, payment processing, feature inquiries, etc. For each subcategory, you can add additional sub-subcategories as needed. Live Chat 100’s sophisticated message category feature gives you a clearly structured canned message library.

Canned Message Categories

Public and Private Canned Messages

Public canned messages are accessible and can be used by all agents. But by default, only administrators are allowed to create, edit, and delete these messages. If other agents want to possess the permissions, they must ask administrators to grant them.

You can also create private canned messages for your own use. Other agents have no permission to view, edit or delete your messages.

Public and Private Canned Messages

Search for Canned Messages

If you have created a large amount of canned messages in your library, it is critical that you can find the right message in a timely manner while chatting with visitors. Otherwise you may find that writing a new response is faster than locating the message in question, which defeats the purpose of having canned messages in the first place.

That’s why we have developed the search function in the canned message feature: it enables you to search the canned message library directly in your agent console.

Search for Canned Messages

When you enter a keyword into the search function of the canned message library, messages with matching titles are displayed at the top—this is why a memorable title is very useful when you are trying to retrieve a message. The search results are displayed by relevance to the search keyword. The more specific your keyword is, the more quickly you can get the message you need.

Canned Message Shortcuts

The quickest way to find a specific canned message is by defining a shortcut for it. You can enter a shortcut, with a hashtag directly preceding it, in your chat box and the associated messages will display. All you have to do is click the message and it will appear in your chat box, ready to be sent.

Canned Message Shortcuts

Canned Message Personalization

Though canned messages are predefined, they can be personalized by inserting dynamic customer data into the messages. This personalizes the canned messages to each customer, making them feel like unique and valued individuals—rather than one out of hundreds.

Live Chat 100 is able to collect customer data from multiple channels such as pre-chat forms, integration with your account systems, and custom variables.

Possible customer data you can use include:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Geo-location
  • Currently browsing page
  • Product in use
  • Account ID
  • Order number
  • Shopping cart value
  • Account manager
  • And much more

Canned Message Reports

One of the best ways to get more out of your canned messages is to periodically check your canned message library and keep them relevant and updated.

Canned message reports are available to help you evaluate the overall utilization of your canned message library. You can update and revise your library based on the report data.

One metric is the average number of messages sent during a chat session for each agent. There you can see which agents prefer to use canned messages and which don’t. This is not to suggest you should enforce a canned message quota, but rather use this metric to deliver efficient customer service. This data should be taken in consideration with other metrics, like an agent’s customer satisfaction rate, to gain insights on an agent’s overall service quality.

Another metric is the frequency each message is used over a specific period of time. This information can help you indicate which messages are rarely used, and as a result should be removed from your library. It can also help you track the most frequently used messages for regular updates.

Canned Message Reports

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