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Driving traffic to your site requires a lot of work (and usually considerable expense as well.) When visitors and potential customers do arrive on your site, you want to make every possible effort to convert those browsers into buyers.

To help with converting more visitors into customers, Live Chat 100 includes many useful features aimed at helping your salespeople engage with your visitors.

Here’s a quick look at how Live Chat 100 can help you boost sales.

Customers Love Live Chat

Study after study proves that live chat is the communication method consumers like the most when shopping online. With a Live Chat button installed on your site, your customers will feel more at ease because they can reach out, ask questions and receive answers right away instead of waiting a few hours or a day or two for an email response from your team. As a matter of fact, customers love live chat so much that they expect it from trustworthy online brands.

Live Chat on Website


Live chat provides visitors to your website with much more privacy and anonymity versus other communication methods. Still, some visitors are shy and might not initiate chats on their own. That’s why our system enables your agents to reach out proactively to visitors with chat invitations.

  • Auto Invitations

    Live Chat 100’s rule-based auto invitation feature is a big timesaver for your agents and allows them to invite visitors to chat proactively based on rules you can define or change at any time. This convenient feature frees agents from having to send chat invitations manually and ensures no visitor is ever forgotten and that you don’t miss important sales or support opportunities.

  • Manual Invitations

    Auto invitations are an excellent way of greeting visitors in general. However, there are times when sending a manual invitation may be more appropriate. With manual invitations, your agents can customize messages to make them more personalized.

  • Conversational Invitation Windows

    With many live chat applications, sending an invitation usually means an intrusive pop-up window on the screen of the visitor. To make your chat application more friendly and personal, Live Chat 100 enables you to present invitations in the regular chat window, which visitors find much less obtrusive.

Proactive Chat Invitations

Visitor Segmentation

Want to know where your site visitors are coming from? Want to know when your customers return to your site? Want to know when important or VIP customers visit your site? This type of data can help your team increase lead captures and conversions, provide more personalized service and offer better support.

Live Chat 100’s powerful visitor segmentation feature assigns visitors and customers to different segmentations based on the rules you create and configure.

The features of Live Chat 100 Visitor Segmentation include:

  • Custom segmentation rules
  • Visual presentations of visitor segmentation
  • Operator and department notifications
  • Filters for visitors and chat lists
  • Visitor segmentation based routing
  • Custom invitations for different segments
Visitor Segment Notification

Website Integration

  • Shopping Cart Integration

    Attracting potential customers to your site is hard enough without having to worry about shoppers abandoning their carts before completing purchases. Nevertheless, cart abandonment is a very real and often troublesome issue. Live Chat 100 can help you reduce cart abandonment by enabling your agents and salespeople to monitor visitor shopping activities, selected items and cart values in real time.

    Additionally, if you use Magento or Shopify as your e-commerce solution, Live Chat 100 offers an easy-to-use plugin that provides seamless integration with these popular platforms in a matter of minutes.

  • Webpage Data Integration

    Live Chat 100 supports flexible and powerful Custom Variables that enable the system to read information from your website and display relevant data in agents’ chat monitor windows. With this type of website data integration, agents and salespeople are able to not only view the value of a shopping cart but also determine if the visitor is an existing customer, which tier the customer is in, their email address, account number and so on.

    Our powerful Custom Variable features also enable you to personalize your messages and create individualized chat buttons for customers or members so that they can connect with a dedicated account manager or sales rep instantly.

  • Identify Qualified Leads Quickly

    Live Chat 100 provides all sorts of ways to track and monitor visitors to your website. While these features are great for providing better customer service, they’re also very effective tools for helping salespeople identify qualified leads quickly and with less effort.

    With metrics such as return visitor tracking, time on page, time on site and other instantly available information, salespeople can identify quickly those visitors who seem to be more engaged with or interested in your content or products. Armed with this information, sales teams can invite certain visitors proactively and help nudge them further along in the sales funnel. Being able to identify leads quickly is one of the best ways to ensure that your sales team is able to close more deals.

Website Integration

Reconnect Users With Known Agents

Once a customer or visitor connects with an agent, they build rapport that helps establish trust and confidence both in that agent and in your company. Should the customer return to your site and want to use your live chat system, chances are good that he/she will want to chat with the same agent that helped him/her previously.

Live Chat 100 supports automatic assignment of chats to the agent who last chatted with the customer (if that agent is available and online.) This feature provides customers with more personalized service and helps to speed resolutions to inquiries or problems.

Reconnect Users with Known Agents

Salesforce Integration

Live Chat 100 makes integrating with your Salesforce CRM seamless and quick. After connecting Live Chat 100 and Salesforce, your salespeople and agents will not only be able to store important contact data directly into the CRM but will also be able to save chat transcripts and notes that make following up and closing deals easier and faster.

Additionally, Live Chat 100 can retrieve contact information and other data from Salesforce when a known lead or customer visits your site.

Salesforce Integration with Live Chat 100

Google Analytics Integration

After integration, you can view Live Chat 100 action events directly from within your Google Analytics account – in real time.

With the connection between your live chat application and Google Analytics, you can view important metrics such as the unique number and total of actions performed on a page; how many times visitors complete a pre-chat survey; how many visitors leave offline messages and many others. Viewing and reporting options with Live Chat 100 and Google Analytics are nearly limitless and offer tremendous insight into how your live chat system is performing and being used.

Live Chat Google Analytics Integration

Equal Sales Opportunities

It’s important that all salespeople have equal access to chats with potential customers to ensure fairness and high morale. Live Chat 100 provides several methods of distribution so that your sales agents all get equal chances to chat with those who visit your site. This feature is especially important if you pay commissions or determine bonuses or other rewards based on sales metrics.

Round Robin Equal Sales Opportunities

Upselling and Cross-Selling

Upselling and cross-selling are terrific ways to increase revenues and profit margins. While placing “recommended” products on your shopping cart or checkout pages is a great idea, simple images or links may not convert as often as you like. Live Chat 100 makes it easy for agents and salespeople to intervene with specials, upsells or cross-sells that may benefit your customer. Your customers will appreciate the introduction of better or more appropriate products and the increased checkout averages will improve your bottom line.

Upselling and Cross-Selling
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