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With Live Chat 100, your business is able to provide communication and support services that rival those of even the largest corporations and enterprises. On this page, we introduce you to a few Live Chat 100 features that will help your business both improve customer support and increase your bottom line.

Live Chat – The Proven Solution for Business

Study after study, report after report all show that consumers and customers prefer live chat to other communication methods.

While there are many reasons customers love live chat, the top three are:

  • Live chat is easy to use
  • Live chat protect customer and visitor privacy
  • Live chat is always instantly available
Live Chat Proven Solution for Businesses

Software as a Service – No Technical Skills Required

With many business applications, you have to download large files or use discs to install the software on your system(s); that’s not the case with Live Chat 100. Our live chat system is a Software as a Service, or SaaS, application.

Benefits of our SaaS platform include:

  • No installation or configuration required on your local computer(s)
  • No hardware to maintain (or repair in case of failures)
  • No need to know how to code or perform other complicated technical tasks
Software as a Service

Use Your Own Logo, Colors, and Pictures

Live Chat 100 allows you to customize virtually every aspect of your live chat system. Live Chat 100 puts your brand or company center stage. Have a look at just a few of the ways Live Chat 100 lets you customize your application to promote your brand or company:

  • Use your own company or brand logo in chat windows
  • Choose and define your own custom color schemes
  • Upload agent pictures to provide more personalized experiences for customers
Use Your Own Logo Colors Pictures

Offline Messages Connect Customers When You’re Unavailable

We all need to rest sometimes. Still, wouldn’t it be nice to know that your customers can still send you messages on your live chat system even after hours or on weekends or holidays? Well, with Live Chat 100, they can. With offline messages, you can:

  • Display a simple form for sending messages when no one is available to chat
  • Ensure customers can still contact you during off hours or on holidays or weekends
  • Easily enable or disable the offline message option as needed
Offline Messages Connect Customers

Multiple Departments for More Professional Service

Unless you’re a freelancer or solopreneur, you may have a few employees that help you with various tasks related to running your business. So, if you have someone who does the books, another person who is your sales superstar and your trusty technician who provides support, you may want to create departments for all of them in your live chat system. Well, we can help. Take a look at some ways our multiple department features can help your small business:

  • Make your company appear more professional and organized to potential customers
  • Prevent the need to have one person answer all chats and then transfer them to the right department or employee
  • Ability to create and define your own rules for routing customer chats to the appropriate agent or department
  • Instant connections and routing mean reduced wait times and improved efficiency
  • Easy and seamless for both your customers and your agents
Multiple Departments

24/7 Help and Support

At Live Chat 100 we are available 24/7 to assist and help you. We are even available for you on weekends and holidays. No problem or question is too small or unimportant to our support team. So, if you need us for anything, anything at all, just click the live chat button on the side of the screen and you will be connected to a helpful live chat agent who will do everything possible to answer your questions or resolve your problems as quickly as possible.

24/7 Help and Support

Multiple Platforms Supported

With many communication or live chat platforms, you’re forced to use a single operating system or environment to be able to use the system. At Live Chat 100, we believe a system should work with systems you already use, not the other way around. Therefore, Live Chat 100 works with:

  • Mac
  • Microsoft Windows
  • All major browsers, regardless of the OS installed on the machine
Live Chat 100 Support Multiple Platforms

Mobile Apps Let You Chat Anywhere

You can’t always be tied to a desk in the office; sometimes, you need to be out running errands or drumming up business. Nevertheless, someone still needs to be available to answer questions from customers or visitors on your website. To help you with that, Live Chat 100 offers handy apps for both Android and iPhone smartphones and mobile devices that enable you to stay connected with your website visitors even when you’re away from your office and computer. With our mobile apps, chatting with your customers when you’re on the road is quick and easy.

Live Chat 100 Mobile Apps

Instant Savings and Reduced Costs

One of the primary reasons many small businesses really like live chat as a support platform is the fact that it saves them so much money versus the costs of providing traditional phone support. Here are just a few examples of the ways that Live Chat 100 can help your small business reduce costs and save money:

  • Agents can engage in several chat sessions at the same time (reduces the number of agents you need)
  • Easy for freelancers and part-time employees to learn and use (outsourcing can save you even more)
  • Reduce phone and toll costs considerably (no more expensive toll free numbers)
Agents Engage in Several Chat Sessions

We Respect Your Privacy

Live Chat 100 is totally committed to safeguarding our customers’ privacy in every way. At Live Chat 100, we will never share with or sell to third parties your chat conversations, contact information or other types of data. We have consented to third party auditing and monitoring of our policies and methods, freely and voluntarily, to ensure that we are doing everything possible to safeguard and protect our customers’ privacy. When you choose Live Chat 100, you can rest assured that your privacy is always a top priority for us.

Live Chat 100 Respect Your Privacy
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